The holiday season is here

26 Sep

You guessed it- it’s Fall. Yes for some of you that is obvious when you step outside and need a jacket but for the rest of us it is when the retail stores gear up for the holidays. You know that aisle at the grocery store that magically morphs from swim gear to Halloween masks, followed by plastic turkeys and Christmas stockings.

So what are you waiting for? Is your web presence optimized for your clients to find you? Are you ready to promote your specials to your clients?

If you are like many small business owners you are thinking about it but you haven’t done anything about it. Take time today to build your blog and setup your Facebook page and twitter account. Think about the target marketing you can take advantage of for your holiday specials. Everyone will be posting daily their holiday plans and thoughts and you will be there when they start shopping. Take advantage of this and be ready.


Social Media Stats

4 Aug

Social Media Stats- finally a graphic view of what we have been talking about. Compliments of:

Big Business of Social Media

Where are the fans?

4 Aug

Have you diligently set up your Facebook page and impatiently waited for the “likes” to pour in? Facebook is a phenomenal force and if done well can give you a tremendous opportunity to share with your existing customers. Remember Facebook is about creating a community and sharing ideas and interacting with that community. If people like your product or service and want to share that experience with their friends than this is a great opportunity for them to do so. if you nourish that community you have an opportunity to wow them. Think about the word ‘fan’ and make sure your followers are truly fans.

Think of it in terms of being in a town hall meeting with all of your dearest customers everyday. You wouldn’t show up in your pjs and sit there at the microphone and not saying anything. Same is true for Facebook. Set up your page and use it to promote your business. Make sure to visit it frequently and add relevant content and share specials or promotions. Interact with people who have commented on your products or services. Get involved in the conversation. Give your fans what they are looking for by offering news or events about your business or new product you are offering. This can also be a great venue for you to respond quickly to customer complaints and offer apologies if needed. Show your customers you really care about their experience make them truly fans for life.

Great Business Card Ideas

3 Aug

I couldn’t help but to share this…I love the idea of fresh business cards. And stickers…hello world!

New look at small business marketing

27 Jul

Check out this post:

I thought it presented a lot of interesting facts about how to think about small business marketing in today’s culture.

Game changer

24 Jul

If you think about the first five things you do in the morning where does “grab your phone” rank? For those of us who look at our phones before getting in the shower we are not alone. People are becoming more and more reliant on their phones to check email, review their calendar, check weather updates, and check Facebook, twitter, or other social sites before they even roll out of bed. What does that mean for you as a business owner? It means you have a chance to catch people first thing. Think about ways you can get their attention with social media. Post lunch specials or daily deals. Timing is everything.